How to optimise my Website for best SEO — strategy for 2021 — new tips

What is SEO?

Points to get best SEO:

1. <title> Tag:

  • If you are designing your homepage, then <title> tag must Website or Blog name with kind of data you serve to your digital customers. For Example: Kuwar Dheeraj Srivastava’s Blog — A blog to help bloggers around world etc.
  • If you are writing html for your pages or blog posts it must in this format. Example: How to get most out with simple SEO tasks — Kuwar Dheeraj Srivastava’s Blog.

2. Description:

3. Speed of Website:

  • Async tag: this tag tell browser to load javascript asynchronously. Javascript can be loaded with html by the browser.
  • Defer attribute: this tag attribute is used to defer the javascript. Even if script is loaded by the browser, it does not execute until other elements loaded.
  • Compressing elements of webpage: This is one of the most important fact for loading website smoothly and fast. You can use various html and javascript compressor for this.

4. Submitting sitemap to Google and Bing Webmaster:

Schema Markup:

  1. Make Social Media pages on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  2. Posting webpage links on twitter to notify search Engines about new pages as they always crawling in social media network.
  3. Links building — Start creating backlink that will help bots to know that your website is important. Link building takes time and there are many things that you should not try while building back links for your website.



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